The Board of Directors

The Threshold Society’s Board of Director are responsible for our day to day operations, they oversee all of the volunteer chair people, and handle all of the more technical administrative & operational needs of our organization. This is a list of all of the board members, their bios and their positions.


Chairman of the Board


My name is Jonah, been in the lifestyle for 8 years. I have been to several other clubs but this is the one that has been the best fit for me and my family. My goals include having a safe place for people to learn about BDSM, bringing people into the lifestyle so they can see the fun and friends that are here


Board Member

Asst. Coordinator

In the lifestyle over 40 years, when Ms. Diana isn’t busy whipping a male submissive or training her girls to serve her as she wishes…she is widely considered a matriarch of the BDSM community. 5 time Coordinator of The Threshold Society, board member of Los Angeles Leather Coalition, her list of accomplishments and dedication to the lifestyle is lengthy. She’s presented across the country, in Hawaii, and in England on Alternative Sexual Lifestyles, Kink, BDSM and Polyamory. An educator for more than 47 years, she has degrees in Theatre and in Psychology (she continues her counseling and lifestyle coaching today). With her natural style of wit and humor she delights at colleges, universities, talk shows and organizations around the country and views these as opportunities to educate and correct misconceptions about kink, age and gender roles.
Education seems to be the dominant theme in her life of “gender smashing”, female Dominance. In addition, she was  given the Person of the Year award by the Los Angeles Leather Coalition at the Southland Honors of 2009. Ms. D is the real deal, and is always ready to talk about the Safer, Sane and Consensual approaches to our deliciously wild lifestyle. Never underestimate an nice old lady who is not afraid to torture your balls.


Board Member

Chief Financial Officer

Carlos P. – Most of you know me as one of the guys who does the Orientations. I have been an active sadomasochist since my teen years and have been a member of Threshold since 1988. This year, as newly elected CFO, marks my 12th year serving on the Threshold Board of Directors. Previously, I have served 6 years as Coordinator, 2 years as CFO, 2 years as Corresponding Secretary, and 1 year as Assistant Coordinator. I was responsible in 2002/2003 for organizing the team that found our current Threshold dungeon and signed the original 3-year lease. I have served as Senior Dungeon Monitor in the past and have been doing Orientation for something like 16 years. A couple of years ago I was honored to receive the 2016 Leather Coalition Ms Diana Lifetime Achievement Award for service to the BDSM community, and an Excellence in Service Award from The Center for Positive Sexuality. I have taught classes on many different BDSM-related topics, among which are: caning, sensation play, spanking, flogging, communication & negotiation, wax play, humiliation play, spiritual SM, and various others. I look forward to working with all of you in making this year a significant and successful year for our organization. Together we can make it so.


Board Member

Corporate Secretary


Board Member

Asst. Secretary

Cutter -TheSourPatchKid has been in the kink community since 2017 and served as Threshold’s Volunteer Coordinator from 2018-2019. With a history in community organizations and serving on numerous committees, Cutter has dedicated much of his focus on education and community outreach. Since first attending Threshold, he has been a strong supporter of its mission statement and has sought to create greater positive experiences for its members and patrons, support inclusive spaces, and expand opportunities for volunteers, leaders, and educators.

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