Interested in having your own private event or photo/video/film shoot at Threshold?
You can!
The process is actually pretty easy.

When Threshold is not having it’s regular events we do our best to make our facility available for rentals to our members and the general community.

Our Threshold facility includes:

* One large main room (10′ ceiling) with multiple tables and BDSM equipment

* 7 Smaller themed rooms including a medical and school classroom, all with dungeon furniture and play stations

* Lobby area and outside smoking and BootBlack area

* Kitchen area with soda fountain ( soda available for fee)

* Restrooms Male and Female with make up area

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Types of events we do not rent to :

1. Parties that have open or paid bars serving alcohol

2. Pay for play/sex events

3. Raves

4. Anything that has a high risk of damage to our facility or disturbing our neighbors.

Please note:
Threshold is a non-profit education based BDSM/Kink organization with a mission to create a safer positive environment for individuals to learn about and practice their kinks.
We rent out our facility when available to groups, production companies and individuals for the benefit of our community, and as secondary income for our organization.
We do not rely on our rentals for our survival and our rental staff are all volunteers, so please be courteous and understanding.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.

If you are curious about renting our facility…please email the rental chairperson and answer these questions:

1. Date and Time of your event.
2. How many people will be attending.
3. What type of event and what activities will occur on our premises
4. If you are a current member or not (if yes…send your current membership number)
5. How much of the facility you wish to use.

This information will decide your fee and availability.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing if we can assist the success of your event or production.