Threshold Academy Presents: Florentine Flogging: It ain’t rocket science “ Presented by ChoirboySadist”

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October 10, 2015 @ 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Threshold Clubhouse
11300 Hartland Street
North Hollywood, CA 91605
$5 For Members and $10 For Non-Members

Nothing is more hypnotizing than Florentine flogging. The rhythms and patterns; the ebb and flow of energy; the connection and the dance between flogger and subject; the range of experience and emotion, from sensual to sadistic – nothing is more hypnotizing, transporting, overwhelming, consuming, arousing than 120 or more flogger falls exciting your flesh like 120 fingertips, 120 single tails, and everything in between.

In this class, we’ll look at the basic four- and six-count two-handed ‘Florentine’ techniques. ChoirboySadist will break them down for you as simply as possible, then give you lots of time to try them on your own.

This class will be very hands-on and will show you a pattern; you’ll get up and practice it for 5 to 10 minutes. Then we’ll have one or two people try it in front of the group so we can watch – and learn from – each other. Then you’ll be back up and swinging right away again so you can incorporate what you learn from watching your classmates.

### You do not need two floggers to be able to participate in this class. If you don’t have two floggers, bring two hand towels and four rubber bands. I’ll show you what to do from there.

If you’re brand new, don’t be intimidated by the thought of flogging with two hands. We’ll have you start with the one-handed building blocks.

And for those of you who already have some experience with Florentine: please join us; we’ll find ways to help you challenge yourself to develop something new.


ChoirboySadist developed a love for floggers and flogging because of the intimacy and the connection it fuses between the players. It provides a range of sensation, emotion, that the experienced flogger can bring and the meditative catharsis of practice that it can bring fourth.

He tries to promote flogging as more than just a sadistic practice; He loves to explore the infinite range of sensuality and affection it provides. He has gotten some pretty stout-hearted bottoms to tap out without ever leaving a mark, He’s also given very sensual floggings that induce sleep.

He enjoys delivering a wide range of intensity in his scenes, and can play heavy when the time is right; but he prefers to create long, slow-building scenes based on connection to his partner. His scenes can consist of sensuality; sustained and hypnotizing rhythms; multiple peaks and valleys over a long period of time; emotional release; and lots and lots of after-cuddling. For him, two hours is not an unusual amount of time for a flogging. He brings with him an effective scene and will experience as much ‘Top Space’ as his partners experiences ‘Bottom Space’.

For a long time he has wanted to create a community for flogging lovers. He want to see an active network of local floggers, floggers makers, and flogging bottoms. He wants to connect them to ongoing flogging events like workshops and socials, etc.

And ultimately, He hopes classes such as this will help create a community in which people can share their love of flogging; help each other to continue to learn and improve no matter what their level of experience; and provide outreach for persons wanting to become more familiar with floggers and flogging.

He currently hosts the monthly flogging insight at The Lair. He has also presented on flogging at workshops and other events in Santa Barbara; Ventura; San Luis Obispo; and Phoenix, AZ.